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Events Calendar 2023

Events    All In house events will be celebrated from 10:00-11:00 am

Show and Tell to start 1st Term 2023 each Friday 


Monday 24th – Chinese Spring Festival (In House)

Friday 27th -Show and tell for Wise Owls group (In House)


Tuesday 14th - Valentine Day (In House)

Friday 24th – Show and tell Tigers Reception and Tigers Group 1:1 Meeting ELC date to be confirmed Nursery Meeting date to be confirmed


Friday 10th – Independence Day(In House

Friday 17th - Outing Tigers 

Friday 24th - Outing Wise Owls


Monday 17th - Easter Celebration (In House) 

Week 24th -28th –Book Day (In House) 

Monday 24th – Eid- Ul-Fitr


Friday 12th – Show and Tell Wise Owls

Friday 26th – Mother’s Day for (In House)


Friday 9th – Show and Tell Tigers Reception and Tigers group 

Friday 18th- Music Day (In House)

Friday 30th – Outing Tigers


Friday 7th –Outing Wise Owls 

 Friday 14th - Harvest (In House)


Friday 22nd – Hat day (In House) 

Friday 29th – Sports Day (In House) 


Tuesday 10th - Rehearsal

Wednesday 11th - Nursery group Concert (Parents are invited)

Thursday 12th - Tigers reception and Tigers group Concert (Parents are invited)

Friday 13th - Graduation and Concert of Wise Owls group (Parents are invited)

Friday 20th -Tigers Outing

Friday 27th -Wise Owls Outing 


Friday 3rd - Christmas Party 

Monday 13th – Divali Celebration (in House during Holiday)

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