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Bringing out the best in every child.

Our philosophy at SAFE AND SOUND NURSERY AND EARLY LEARNING CENTRE has always been one of supporting our staff with training opportunities and career development. It is only right, therefore, that our management structure has evolved from in house promotion of outstanding staff members who are committed to the vision and philosophies of the company directorship. We are proud of the contribution of every employee in every department. Our history of continuous ISO certification since 2003 is evidence of their responsible and dedicated commitment to the daily care of the children in our care.


Bringing out the best in every child



Born in the UK. Anne first worked in local government then trained as a State Registered Nurse. She worked in many departments including medical and surgical Paediatrics during her hospital career, and later devoted her skills to the care of the elderly.

Anne came to Mauritius in 1994 with her husband and 2 children and was offered a post as an English and Science teacher. This ignited Anne’s love of teaching and she undertook two teaching diplomas with Montessori College, London. Anne is a qualified Montessori Early Childhood Teacher and a Montessori teacher of English as a Second Language. To extend her teaching capacity to adults, she gained a TCVT certificate and became a part-time lecturer of Child Services at Charles Telfair University, in addition to teaching her staff and offering workshops to parents. Anne is semi-retired and lives in Australia. However, she works in a consultative capacity to the management team via the internet. She makes an annual visit to Safe and Sound during which she and her new husband Attilio deliver management and staff personal development programmes and mentoring. She is the driving force behind the passion for excellence that drives the whole staff.


Managing Director, Director of Finance and 

Legal, ISO Quality Manager

Leela is married with two children. Leela joined the company in an administrative capacity. She took on the role of Director of Finance and Legal , and later that of ISO QM, through which she supported the management and staff through a strong period of growth which saw the expansion of the school with the addition of the Primary School , housed at D’Epinay Avenue. The Primary School became independent in 2010.

Leela has a full understanding and commitment to the philosophies of SAFE AND SOUND . Her dedication to the children and their parents, her managerial skills and qualifications, coupled with the excellent working relationship Leela and Anne share, made her the ideal person to become a Director of the company. Leela later took on the role of Managing Director to ensure the safe continuity of Safe and Sound as Anne moves towards retirement.


Bringing out the best in every child


Nursery Manager

May is married with one daughter, She has dedicated her working career to the care and education of children. May our Nursery Manager is a strong and passionate leader of the Nursery staff and an ardent advocate for the parents and children. She is responsible for our admission procedure and documentation, and works closely with Veema and Aurore to give you a clear understanding of Safe and Sound when you make a site visit, so that you can make the best decision for your child.


Pre-School  Manager

Veema is married with three children. She joined the teaching team of Safe and Sound Early Learning Centre and became a coordinator of the Wise Owls unit. She was promoted to school manager in 2010 and although she has a quiet disposition, she gets the best out of her staff and guides and trains our new teachers. She is a good listener, and takes on board a parent’s concerns, discussing them with her team to find the best solution.


Operations  Manager

Aurore is married with one child. Aurore joined our teaching team in 1998 as a trainee teacher and is studing through OMEP, MIE proficiency and MIE Teaching Certificate under our support program. Her role is that of a facilitator, support person to each of our managers, and nursery trainer. She also manages the household departments of cleaning, catering, security and caretaking. She has a clear vision of our sensorial philosophies throughout the centre and is dedicated to the wellbeing of every child and member of staff.

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