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At Safe and Sound Nursery and Early Learning Centre our monthly fee includes provision of meals.

We are very aware of the nutritional needs of the different age groups within the centre and aim to ensure, during the hours the children attend, the food we serve is freshly made and nutritionally sound. We have weekly delivery for fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, chicken and fish. The food is prepared daily by our catering team and meal times are attended to by the children’s own carers.

We provide water or juice at each service of food, and warm milk in the winter cycle, however, we ask you to send your child with a personal water bottle each day so that your child has access to water at any time they wish.

Our menu service is as follows:

- Early arrival before 8 am Breakfast cereal is provided

Morning break: sandwiches with different filling each day, a piece of fruit,

water or juice during summer time and warm milk during winter

Lunch which is either vegetarian or non- vegetarian, daily dessert, water

- Early afternoon break: tradition puddings or cakes, water or juice

- Late afternoon break: Biscuits, sandwiches or cakes, juice or water.

Our menu plan for babies is introduced when your child is ready for the introduction of solids. Parents are responsible for the provision of formula or breast milk until their child no longer needs it. New tastes and textures are introduced following consultation with parents in respect of timing and content. Fine purees leading to finely chopped fresh vegetables and fruits, full of vitamins and minerals, are supported with rice or pastas which provide energy giving carbohydrates. Body building proteins such as cheese, chicken or fish, are slowly introduced to ensure individual children tolerate the new addition before introducing the next.

Our children’s menu plan offers additional plans for vegetarian children and children with allergies. It is important that you advise us on admission if your child needs these additional services. We also cater for children who are fasting. Whilst our menu plan is developed around dishes that experience has shown us most children will enjoy, there may be some days that your child will not eat what is on offer. In such an instance, you are welcome to send an alternative and advise their carer/teacher that you have done so.

We offer a special menu for specific events such as Chinese Festival, Easter, Divali, and Eid .We ask parents to share their joy and send traditional cakes which are shared among the children and staff.

During our school holidays, we have special additions such as Farata and curry, fruit salad, cookies, muffins and cupcakes. The children participate in their preparation as part of their activities.

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