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Safe and Sound Nursery and Early Learning Centre  Offers a range of additional services that are included in our normal fee structure:

Speech and language Therapist attends once a week for group sessions with the Nursery Toddlers and Teddy bears groups. Teachers and parents of older children can also seek her advice for any concerns in this area of development.

Medical service – Our doctor attends once a term in both nursery and early learning centre.

IT classes are provided in our Wise Owls programme by a specialist teacher.

Music and drama classes with a specialist qualified teacher.

1:1 support teachers provide individual attention to a child experiencing difficulties.

Parent and teacher workshop held annually to introduce parents to our sensorial methods.

Daily menu – We provide five services per day: early arrivals breakfast, mid-morning snack, 2 course lunch, mid afternoon snack, late departures snack. Juice or water is provided at these times.

The following services incur additional charges:

School outings: These are arranged each semester to support the children’s learning. Parents written permission is required for each outing. The charge is variable as it reflects the total cost of the outing shared equally amongst the participants.

Pre-school and After - school services: Provide care for children who need to arrive at school between 7.30am and 8.30am and who need to depart from school between 3.30pm and 5pm. Children attending for the full year can access each holiday school service without charge.

Late departures: Arrangements can be made for emergency care up to 5.30pm.

Holiday school service for children of the Early Learning Centre – Provided for the full period of the end of first and second term holidays, and for a 6 week period following the end of term 3.

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